EMPACTS logo, an apple, creatively expressing the EMPACTS Outcomes

"Educationally-Managed Projects Advancing Curriculum, Technology and Service"
C. Dianne Phillips, EMPACTS Program Facilitator, dphillips@nwacc.edu



Faculty Mentoring

Peer Mentoring



Danny Mora, Nathan Sorey and Derek Heilman Independent Study
Danny Mora, Nathan Sorey &
Derek Heilman
Independent Study, Engineering and
Technology (3D printing)

Technology and Project Support

Lee Stidham teaching how to generate 3D designs
Lee Stidham teaching how to generate
3D designs

shows students being helped by Tech Corp personell
Technology Corp,
Peer Mentors, BH2455

Biological Sciences

Rob Swearingen, BH2428, rswearingen@nwacc.edu
Rob Swearingen, BH2428


The EAST/EMPACTS lab is the hub of the "Project Based Learning"
EMPACTS Program at NWACC. 
The lab and lab personnel are available to all NWACC students and
faculty/staff who are working on curriculum based,
service learning and outreach projects.
EMPACTS Program Flyer

Technologies available in the lab include basic computer hardware
and software as well as additional specialized software
to support course projects across a broad curriculum
in  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts,
Education and Mathematics
The EMPACTS Lab is supported by a student led team of
peer instructors

who have experience in project based learning and in the use of a
wide range of low to high end technologies used in STEM courses.

Environmental/Physical Sciences
Paul Lowrey and Nathan Sorey, GIS Mentors, plowrey@nwacc.edu
GIS Mapping Mentors
Paul Lowrey and Nathan Sorey
plowrey@nwacc.edu nsorey@nwacc.edu

Math, Engineering & Education
Gary Bender, BH2455, gbender@nwacc.edu, Math and Engineering Mentor
Gary Bender, BH2455

Physics and Engineering   

EMPACTS Facilitator
Physics, Engineering, all Sciences STEM Technologies & Education
Dianne Phillips, EMPACTS Facilitator, dphillips@nwacc.edu
Dianne Phillips, BH2455

Dr. Alex Stratigakis, Engineering mentor, astratigakis@nwacc.edu
Alex Stratigakis, astratigakis@nwacc.edu

Dr. Khalil Sharif, kshariff@nwacc.edu, Engineering mentor
Khalil Shariff

Program Contact Information
Dr. Marvin Galloway, EMPACTS Program Coordinator, Dean of Science and Mathematics, mgallowa@nwacc.edu, 479-619-4142
C. Dianne Phillips, EMPACTS Program Facilitator, Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics, dphillips@nwacc.edu, 479-313-7737, cell
Gary Bender, EMPACTS Program Co-Facilitator (Math), gbender@nwacc.edu

Paul Lowrey, EMPACTS Program GIS Facilitator, plowrey@nwacc.edu
Rob Swearingen, EMPACTS Program Co-Facilitator (Biological Sciences), rswearingen@nwacc.edu
Northwest Arkansas Community College, One College Drive, Bentonville, AR 72712