Allen W. Baker - Personal Information

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Vital Stats First child of Dale and Delores Baker
Born: April 14, 1949 in Amarillo, Texas
Age: 21 (you do the math)
Family 1974: Married Denise Patterson of Rogers, Arkansas
1975: son born
1977: daughter #1 born
1980: daughter #2 born
1996: daughter #1 married
1997: son married
1997: granddaughter #1 born
2001: daughter #2 married
2006: grandson #1 born
2008: granddaughter #2 born
2009: granddaughter #3 born
2013: granddaughter #4 born
Education 1967: Rogers High School; Rogers, Arkansas
1971: University of Arkansas; BS Electrical Engineering
1973: University of Arkansas; MS Electrical Engineering
2010: Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist; Software Development
Employers 1966-1968: Moser Manufacturing; Rogers, Arkansas
1968-1973: University of Arkansas Computing Center
1973-1988: United States Air Force
1988-1998: NASA; Johnson Space Center
1999-2007: Univerisity of Arkansas
2007-2010: InvoTek, Inc.
2010-present: Northwest Arkansas Community College
Residence 1949-1959: Texas Panhandle (Amarillo, Plainview, Edmonson, Hale Center, and Lubbock)
1959-1974: Garfield, Arkansas
1974-1978: Colorado Springs, Colorado
1978-1982: Kaiserslautern, West Germany
1982-1993: Friendswood, Texas
1993-1998: Alvin, Texas
1999-2005: Pea Ridge, Arkansas
2005-Present: Bella Vista, Arkansas
Other Interests Christian Apologetics
Genealogy - Baker, Armstrong, Bain, Gatlin, Patterson, Smith, Bell, Leding, families
Photography (I wore out one good camera and need another one)
Now if I only had more time to pursue these projects, ...

If you really want more, check my Resume.

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