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Posted 11/23/2005: Here is an email I received from a member of the library staff. I think you will find this useful for Project 3 work. :)

Your students can find excellent online guides to APA, MLA, CBE, or Chicago documentation styles, and each style also has a sample paper with good, detailed notes they can look at.  The link to the site is on the library’s home page at  on the left green vertical bar at “Citation Formats.”

Posted 11/02/2005:
All chapter homework activities must be "caught up" and turned in no later than November 18, 2005. No late homework will be accepted after that date.
Posted 10/27/2005:
Project 3 is now available as a link from the Homework page. I will answer questions on it next week.
Posted 10/17/2005:
Sorry I cannot be with you today. For today's class, I would like for you to split-up into two groups. For an in-class exercise on today's chapter... <<Click Here>>
Posted 9/2/2005: The new MyNWACC web site becomes active on Tuesday. To look-up your login go to and check it out.
Posted 8/22/2005: Welcome to a new semester!


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