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cism 1213 web design i -- grades   


Chapter Activities  
12 @ 20 points
240 points
Quizzes (online)
12 @ 20  points
lowest score dropped
220 points
14 @ 10   points
140 points
3 @ 100 points
300 points
900 points

Instructor reserves the right to make additional assignments for in-class or take-home assignments which may be worth up to 100 points extra over the course of the semester.

Letter Grades will be based on the following scale: 

90 to 100 %   A 
80 to 89 %   B 
70 to 79 %   C 
60 to 69 %    D 
0 to 59 %    F 

If a student is on the "borderline" between grades, the instructor reserves the right to take into consideration subjective elements in determining whether or not the student should receive the higher grade. Those subjective elements may include, but are NOT limited to, in class initiative, enthusiasm for the subject matter, demonstrating extra effort in the performance of assignments by including more advanced elements of web design, the students' positive interaction with other students in the class, etc.

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