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Posted 11/16/2005: Go check out the project submitted by Chris Ruesink on how to make money on your website. Located on the student server at:
Posted 10/24/2005:
The quiz over Tutorial 6 is open book. The password is quizzes/06kirlupanddye
Posted 10/17/2005:
Sorry I can't be there today. Begin Tutorial 6 in your book. I will lecture on HTML Forms on Wednesday.
Posted 9/2/2005: The new MyNWACC web site becomes active on Tuesday. To look-up your login go to and check it out.
Posted 8/22/2005: Welcome to a new semester!


August 22 :: First day of class
November 4 ::
Last day to Drop
November 23 - 26 :: Thanksgiving Break
December 7
:: Last Day of Class
December 7
:: Final Projects Due
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