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Closing of NWACC classes and administrative offices may be necessary from time to time due to bad weather and/or emergency situations. Decisions on any closings or subsequent openings will be made by the President or her designee. Announcements of decisions to close and/or open will be announced normally at approximately 6:00 a.m. for day activities and 3:00 p.m. for evening activities through the local media. Due to air time and broadcast area, KURM 790 AM in Rogers will always be used, and other appropriate media will be utilized once they are on the air. These stations include: Radio - KURM, KAMO, KJEM, KIX 104/KIS 102, POWER 105, MAGIC 107, KUCA, KKEG/KOLZ; TV-KFSM (5), KHOG (40/29), KFAA (51) and on the College Hotline, 619-4377.

Unless announced otherwise, NWACC will be open at the regularly scheduled times. This policy may differ from bad weather/emergency policies of local public school districts because: NWACC does not bus students, as do the public schools; The College has evening classes, but the public schools normally do not; NWACC classes may be canceled, but the College administrative office may be open. Due to the fact that NWACC is a unique institution, its openings and closings have to be made based on the needs of the College district and cannot necessarily correspond with decisions of local public schools or other area entities. All employees and students are expected to comply with this policy.

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