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Environmental & Regulatory Science

In recent years, the global community has become painfully aware of the importance of safety procedures and precautions in our everyday survival:  the accidental release of lethal gases in India and the United States; the shuttle Challenger disaster; the cyanide deaths from altered Tylenol capsules, to mention only a few cases.   And now 911 tragedy at the World Trade Center. Clearly, safety decisions-making has been brought to the forefront of corporation management.  No employer today can afford to relegate safety to a minor role in the organizational hierarchy.

This great interest in safety issues has generated a growing demand for professional practitioners in the field.  Industry, retailing, commerce, communications, construction and labor unions, as well as local, state, and federal governments, need competent safety specialists.

The demands placed upon the safety professional require a broad background in chemistry, math, psychology and biology as well as specific knowledge in the safety and regulatory sciences. Our programs draw upon the resources of the entire college to educate students in each of these disciplines. In addition to required courses, students choose from among a diversified offering of restricted and free electives with a balance of courses designed to meet the needs and interests of individual students. Upon graduation, our students have received the comprehensive education needed to become successful professionals in occupation safety and health.

- Cindy Hammons, ERS Program Director

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