During the summer months I am a tour guide at War Eagle Cavern. I give both the regular tours, which are one-hour excursions into the cavern requiring no climbing or crawling, and I also lead some of the wild tours, where we engage in some actual spelunking as we explore over a mile into the back of the cavern system.

You can visit the cavern's website at War Eagle Cavern.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size pictures:

From L to R: Adam, a guide at the cavern, Aaron, his son, Vicki, his wife, yours truly, Vicki, Dennis's wife, and Summer, my daughter. We are in a fairly large room about a mile and a half deep in the cavern. Notice the large stalagmites we are posing beside.
Here is a photo of a cave formation called bacon. The layers are very thin and are colored in strips, just the way that real bacon has striations of meat and fat. This formation was so thin that we could shine our headlamps through it.
Here's Dennis in the most decorated room in the cavern. It is also at the very back of the cave. To the right, several yards back, there is a small crack that is too small to crawl through, but I've seen hundreds of bats fly through it and then fly up out of sight.
Here I am in the absolute back of the cavern. I am at the bottom of a thirty-five foot high dome. There are so many formations coming down the walls of the dome that I had to slide under the flowstone you see over my legs to get in.
This is what I could see as I looked up the dome.
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