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My Schedule: fall 2008

Phone: 479-986-6906 
Office: SC 348 (Student Center) 

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Accelerated/Hybrid Courses/- General Information


Fall Courses, 2008

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PreAlgebra - text and software info for fall 08 TEXT: Lial-Hestwood Prealgebra: An Integrated Approach w/MathXL (MathXL is required for all computer-assisted/hybrid sections)
Beginning Algebra/ Intermediate Algebra courses - text and software info through at least fall, 2008 (Begin Alg) and at least spring, 2009 (Interm Alg) TEXT: Miller-O'Neill  Beginning & Intermediate Algebra w/MathZone (MathZone is required for all computer-assisted/hybrid/DL sections, available for all sections)

Tutorial Attendance Form
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(An Extra Credit Opportunity)

The Learning Lab Tutoring Schedule

The Math Cafe Tutoring Schedule

Graph Paper:
4 sq/in pdf rtf
5 sq/in pdf rtf

NWACC's On-Line Tutoring Info

Another online Math Tutorial link

Beginning Algebra Roots And Radicals Packet (Link) - (Still about $1.10+tax at the NWACC Bookstore.)

Tutorial (with VIDEO!!!) on inserting equations into Microsoft Word

Spanish Mathematics Glossary

Faculty Link


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