NorthWest Arkansas Community CollegeCISM 1003:  Computer Basics

Course Syllabus Fall 2004


Instructor:  Cristy Stamps

Office/Mail Drop:  1217

Phone:  619-4271


Web Site:



Computer Concepts-7th Edition Course Technology New Perspectives-Parsons & Oja


Course Description:

This course acquaints the student with basic computer skills required in today’s society.  This course covers basic topics of using a computer:  Windows, Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint.


Course Objectives:

A successful student will be able to log onto a computer, save & open documents, use e-mail, browse the World Wide Web, have familiarity with the standard Windows interface & learn basic Office XP components.  The student will learn concepts & terminology associated with the modern computer.



It is the responsibility of the student to attend each class and to be on time.

You will log on your attendance every day that you are in class at the above web site address.

If the student is absent it is the responsibility of the student to get any missed classroom information and material.

You get to be absent 2 class periods.  Each additional period missed after the second will result in the loss of ½ a letter grade off your final grade. 



The student is completely and totally responsible for dropping the class should they so desire. On the average 2-3 students per class fail because they simply stop showing up. Please, if you have something happen or no longer wish to be in this class then go drop the class. An "F" will follow you for the rest of your school career.  If you miss more than 2 consecutive class periods Student Services will be notified.



Anyone caught cheating (including plagiarizing) will be subject to any or all of the following:

1)      A zero for the work involved.

2)      An immediate "F" in the course.


3)      One of the two above plus referral to college authorities for additional disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

4)  You cannot give your work to others! This includes all assigned work.


The Computer Lab Rules and Regulations

Food & drinks are allowed in the lab, but they must be placed on shelf by the door.

Clean up after yourself. Push your chairs in. Put extra printouts in the recycle bin.

These labs are for class work and study not for fun. Anyone being excessively noisy or using computers for non-class purposes will be asked to leave.

Subject matter of a disagreeable nature cannot be accessed through the NWACC labs. The lab monitor gets to decide what is disagreeable. If there is a dispute over materials you must stop viewing them and then get your instructor to give the lab monitor an OK for you to be viewing the material.

Anyone letting another person log on using their Login-ID and Password will lose their account. This generally results in the student receiving an F since they can no longer do their work.

The lab monitor is the final word. Obey what they say. If you have a problem with it then complain to your instructor.

Room 1226 is the general lab for use outside of class; DO NOT use any of the other rooms.

Student Services

If you are a student with a disability, and if you will be requiring accommodations, it is your responsibility to contact Student Services. Student Services will recommend appropriate accommodations to your director and me.

Your director and I will identify for you which accommodations will be arranged.











Below 60%