Step 1 Connect to the Internet. In the address field type then Enter. Click on Download NetDrive to download/Save NetDrive to your local computer, then open netdrive.exe

Step 2 Click OK

Step 3 Click Next

Step 4 Click Yes

Step 5 Click Next

Step 6 Open NetDrive Shortcut

Step 7 Click New Site



Step 8 In the top field type the name you want to call the drive. (Example M Drive)

Type in the bottom field then click  Finish.


Step 9 Choose the drive letter designation you want this to be, uncheck Anonymous/Public Logon, and uncheck Save Password. In the Username field type your username. In the Password Field type your password. Then click the Advanced button.

Step 10 On the Advanced Tab type \Vol1\Users\Stude in Root Directory field then click OK

Step 11 Click Connect. This drive should now show in My Computer. You can open this drive and work with the folders that are on this drive.


Repeat Steps 7-11 for new drives. (Shared or Homework). Everything will be the same except in Step 9 and Step 10. In Step 9 choose the appropriate drive letter (N for Shared Drive and W for Homework Drive). In Step 10 in the Root Directory field you will type \Vol1\Shared for the Shared Drive and \Vol1\Homework for the Homework Drive and change the drive