Microsoft Excel 2000

Tutorial 4 - Creating Charts

Some data are best presented visually in the form of "graphs". In Excel, these visual representations are referred to as charts.

There are several different types of charts that can be created in Excel. Some of the most common chart types are bar, column, line, and pie charts. Page EX 4.03 presents a complete listing of Excel chart types.

The type of chart you select depends on the type of data you are going to represent. In general:

        Bar and column charts are useful for showing comparisons

        Line charts are good for showing trends

        Pie charts clearly show the relative sizes among the parts of a whole

Excel chart elements ( EX 4.04)

Data Series, Data Labels, Legend, Titles, Tick Marks, Axis Labels and Titles, Data Markers, etc.

Placement of charts (EX 4.04)

*      Charts may be created as embedded objects, existing on the same sheet as the data.

*      Charts may also be created on a separate sheet, called a chart sheet.

Steps to Create a Chart (EX 4.06)

1.      Select the range(s) of data you want to chart

a)      Click and drag to select a range of contiguous (adjacent) cells

b)      To select non-contiguous ranges, hold the Ctrl key while making multiple cell-range selections

2.      Click the Chart Wizard button on the Standard toolbar

3.      Follow the steps in the Chart Wizard dialog boxes

After a chart has been created you may edit the chart by selecting it and then using the Chart toolbar or the Chart Wizard. Each element of the chart is a selectable/editable object. (Chart toolbar - Page EX 4.11)

Moving and Resizing a Chart (EX 4.11)

After a chart has been created you can select it and move or resize it. When a chart is selected, selection handles appear on the boundaries of the chart. You may resize the chart by dragging these selection/resizing handles.

A chart is a dynamic object. When you change the worksheet data upon which the chart is based, the chart will automatically be updated.

Exploding a Slice of a Pie Chart

*      Click the pie chart, and then click the slice you want to explode

*      Drag the selected slice away from the center of the chart

Charts may be formatted with various fonts, colors, backgrounds, patterns, and various types of effects.