History of Arkansas

NorthWest Arkansas Community College - Spring 2011

HIST 2053  · Independent Study


INSTRUCTOR: Gene Vinzant

OFFICE: Burns Hall 1431

PHONE: 619-4302

EMAIL: dvinzant@nwacc.edu

OFFICE HOURS: Monday/Wednesday: 1:00-4:00 p.m.; Tuesday/Thursday: 11:00 a.m.- Noon and 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.Other times by appointment. If you cannot meet at these times, email me and we'll find a mutually convenient time to meet.


Arkansas: A Narrative History by Jeannie M. Whayne and others, Univ. of Arkansas Press, 2002. (ISBN: 1-55728-724-4)


An Arkansas History for Young People (Teacher's Wraparound Edition) by Shay E. Hopper and others, University of Arkansas Press.

Both books are available at the NWACC bookstore. The Whayne book is also available at the University of Arkansas textbook stores, many regular bookstores and most online booksellers.



There are many sources of information on Arkansas history that can be found on the internet, but the most useful and accurate online resource is: http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net/ This can be especially helpful as you prepare for the exams.

For the lesson plans, you will want to consult the Arkansas History frameworks (under Social Studies) at http://arkansased.org/educators/curriculum/frameworks.html


A presentation of the political, economic, social and cultural development of Arkansas from the arrival of the Native American to the present.


1. The student will identify the names of significant Arkansans and their contributions to the development of this state.

2. The student will explain significant events and their impact on Arkansas history.

3. The student will identify the significance of Arkansas as a state in America today.


1. Examinations – There will be two examinations, a midterm and a final, each worth 100 points. Exams will involve writing identification paragraphs on the people, events, and organizations on the identification lists (see calendar of due dates). The midterm exam will include a mandatory map.

2. Major Book Reviews - Using primarily the Whayne book and secondarily the Hopper book and other resources if you choose, write four detailed outlines of the assigned textbook sections (see calendar of due dates). Each outline should be approximately 1000 words or about five pages long (double spaced). Each outline will be worth 100 points.

3. Field Trip Report – During this semester visit an approved historic site, spend at least 2 hours there and write a 2-3 page report on what you learned. This report will be worth 50 points. Approved sites include: Prairie Grove Battlefield Historic State Park,  Pea Ridge National Military Park, Shiloh Museum of Ozark History (Springdale), Fort Smith National Historic Site, Har-Ber Village in Grove, Oklahoma, or the following in Little Rock: Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, the State Capitol, or Old State House Museum. Other historic sites (such as Eureka Springs or Hot Springs) may be approved on request.

Note: for the article reviews and lesson plans, you will have a total of four assignments. You must write at least one article review. For the remaining three assignments, you may choose between additional article reviews or writing lesson plans.

4. Article Reviews – Write between one and four reviews on articles of your choice from the Arkansas Historical Quarterly (the article you read must be at least 12 pages long). Each article review should be approximately 700 words or about two and a half pages long (double spaced). Each article review will be worth 50 points. You can find all the back issues in the NWACC library (F406 .A6), University of Arkansas library, and the public libraries of Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers and Bentonville. You can also find articles online at various locations, including: http://faculty.nwacc.edu/dvinzant/Articles.htm , http://faculty.nwacc.edu/gkiser/SP05ARTICLES.htm and http://www.uca.edu/archives/ahq.phpYou can also access the issues since 2005 of the Arkansas Historical Quarterly by going to the "My NWACC " page, then to "Library," then to "EbscoHost," then to "Academic Search Premier Title List," then type in "Arkansas." Click on "Arkansas Historical Quarterly." From there you can select the year and issue and click on the "PDF Full Text" of the articles. You can find an index to past issues of the Arkansas Historical Quarterly at: http://arkindex.uark.edu/AHQ/

5. Lesson Plans - Using the Hopper book, the Arkansas History frameworks (under Social Studies) at http://arkansased.org/educators/curriculum/frameworks.html and any other resources you choose, write up to three lesson plans appropriate for the grade level of your choice. Each lesson plan will be worth 50 points.




Here is the breakdown of the grading:

765 - 850


680 - 764


595 - 679


510 - 594


Below 510





Plagiarism is using the words or ideas of someone else as if they were your own. If the words of someone other than the writer are reproduced without acknowledgment of the source or if someone else's ideas are paraphrased in such a way that leads the reader to believe they originated with the writer, then plagiarism has occurred. As a general rule, the use of three consecutive words or more from a source should be placed within quotes and the source identified. You are not required to use outside sources for your reviews, but you may do so if you cite your sources. Grade sanctions for plagiarism may consist of either grades of zero or failing grades on part or all of a submitted assignment or examination, or a lowering of a course grade, or a failing grade (for other possible sanctions and a fuller description of plagiarism, see Student Handbook).



All reviews are due by midnight of due date.

Assignment Date

Meet with Instructor for Orientation

Wednesday, January 19 or by appointment

First Article Review Due

Wednesday, January 26

First Outline Due (Whayne, chapters 1-5)

Monday, February 7

First Lesson Plan or Second Article Review Due

Wednesday, February 16

Second Outline Due (Whayne, chapters 6-9)

Monday, February 28

Test over First Identification Sheet (including map)

Week of March 7-11

Lesson Plan or Article Review Due

Wednesday, March 16

Third Outline Due (Whayne, chapters 10-11)

Monday, March 28

Lesson Plan or Article Review Due

Wednesday, April 13

Fourth Book Outline Due (Whayne, chapters 12-14)

Monday, April 25

Field Trip Report Due

Monday, May 2

Test over Second Identification Sheet

Week of May 7-13