Landmark Supreme Court Cases


Introduction:  This website is the result of a sabbatical I took in the spring semester 2010. During that time I researched landmark Supreme Court cases. There are many cases that fit the category of "landmark cases". I narrowed my research to the six cases listed below because I believe they are extremely important. Each of these cases has had a major impact in the United States.

  I looked at academic materials as such as books, articles, and primary research information at the Library of Congress. In addition to those things, I found many important things on the Internet. This new media covers so much more than the traditional sources that have been available in the past. I have tried to incorporate things that provide new forms of information. Examples of these are the oral arguments before the Supreme Court to which one can listen; a You-Tube video of President Kennedy giving a speech about the integration of the University of Alabama; an NPR program were actors read letters sent to President Eisenhower on integration. The research has been very exciting and rewarding. The project will be an on-going activity for me. I hope you will find this project informative and interesting.

Judy Tobler