General List

Cycle 1: Interactions and Energy   

Teaches applied Mechanical Interactions, Elastic Mechanical Interactions, Friction Mechanical Interactions.

Cycle 2: Interactions and Forces   

Shows common misconceptions many students about the nature of forces and their connection to the motion of the object.

Cycle 3: Interactions and Fields       

Introduces the idea of a "field of influence" and shows the object being the source or receiver during interaction.

Cycle 4: Model of Magnetism                   

Teaches the student the basic domain model of magnetism and the interaction between magnets and ferromagnetic materials.

Cycle 5: Electricity Circuit and Electromagnetic 

Investigate conditions necessary for a simple electric circuit. Consider the energy flow in circuits with different energy sources and receivers.

Cycle 6: Light and Infrared Interactions       

Develop ideas about the relationship between light and seeing. Consider the interactions between light and infrared.

Cycle 7: Interactions and Energy Conservation  

Develop ideas surrounding efficiency and energy conservation. Explore the idea that energy changes within objects.


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