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Computer Assisted Beginning Algebra

Beginning Algebra Roots and Radicals Packet--Also available for about $1.10 at bookstore

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Here is a brief introduction to "Computer Assisted" (CAI) algebra classes .

Classes meet on campus, just like "normal" classes.  Your instructor (that's me) will explain the material, just like "normal" classes.  

Almost all homework is worked outside of class, and submitted online.  Unlike "normal" classes, you have an unlimited number of retries on computer homework assignments.  If you put in the time, you can have a perfect homework grade.   The computer will grade your work as you go, which means if you miss an exercise, you know immediately and can correct any errors before you move on.

Every week, you will have an online quiz, (taken from homework problems) on which you have several (but not unlimited) tries.  These quizzes can be taken at home or on campus.

You will take chapter tests and a final exam on campus.  Exams in hybrid courses might be taken in the Testing Center.

You must purchase a code which allows you to use the homework and quiz website; however, you are not required to buy the textbook.. 

Internet access is required for credited or graded homework, as well as the weekly quizzes.  If you do not have internet access from home, you can use the computers in the Academic Success Center.