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NEW  Mt. St. Helens pictures from August 2006.


For selected lab links, go here.

Lecture Links: 

Ch. 1    Population Clock (world) (U.S)

             another population clock

Ch. 2    LINK REPAIRED A good karst primer for Missouri, but applies to AR as well

Ch. 3    NEW good wikipedia entry on desertification

Ch. 4    Risk analysis

             Links to hazard insurance sites

             Disaster preparation/hazard planning

             The ETE teacher's page

Ch. 9    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

             Coast 2050, Louisiana's plan to save the disappearing delta

             The Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale

             Thames Barrier links

             Beach nourishment

Ch. 8    USGS weekly volcanic activity

             USGS' comprehensive Mt. St. Helens page

             Excellent volcanic hazard map and explanation

             Eyewitness accounts of St. Helens' eruption

             Degassing of Lake Nyos

             Pinatubo's crater lake

             Really good volcano page -- lots of links here

Ch. 7    NEW All earthquakes in the last seven days.

             LINK REPAIRED  All the earthquakes in the world

             USGS National quake info center

             Top 10 lists!  another good USGS site

             virtual earthquake  from Cal. State at Los Angeles

             a very nice interactive demo of causes of earthquakes

             Fault creep in Hayward, CA -- same curb four years later

             Tsunami links

             New Madrid, Japan, Haicheng, go here

Ch. 6   The landslide page

Ch. 5   The flooding and water resources page

Ch. 10 Virginia Tech's groundwater interactive page

             Tons of info on the EPA's water quality page

             Your Benton County water (unless it's a well)

             The drought page

             The desalination page

 Ch. 11 Summary of current groundwater treatment technologies

              Two pages regarding in-situ treatment:  You want accessible or long-winded?

 Ch. 12  Manila's Garbage Mountain

 Ch. 13 The environmental health page, w/links about radon and North Korea


 Ch. 16 The global change page, w/links about ozone, acid rain, global warming


            USGS weekly volcanic activity


            ....and who doesn't like putt-putt?  My record is 28 25 23 22,

but John Thompson has shot a 20.