Mount Rainier from the air.


Mount Adams (stratovolcano) from lower slopes of Mt. St. Helens.


New lava dome growth (2004-2006), Mt. St. Helens, taken from the crater rim.  Smoke indicates dome is active.  Older domes (1980-2000) to the right of new dome.  Notice the huge log raft in Spirit Lake at top right; the trees were blown down by the 1980 lateral blast.


Guys and their dog relaxing on the crater rim.



Seismometer on the southern slopes of Mt. St. Helens.




Sea of clouds from St. Helens' southern slopes.


Jen points out our route post-climb.


Mount St. Helens from the north.  This is Johnston Ridge, where geologist David Johnston was killed in the 1980 eruption.


Another view of St. Helens from Johnston Ridge Observatory.  The 1980 lateral blast came more or less directly to this point from the mountain.


Cool simulation of the 1980 eruption in the Johnston Ridge Observatory.


Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.


Unnamed waterfall in Elwha River Valley.


Fern close-up, Elwha River Valley.


Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park.


Seattle Aquarium.