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Differential Equations

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Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Section 7.1 Notes

Trig Integrals  (7.2)

Trig Substitution  (7.3)

7.7 Notes

Ch. 7 Practice Exam


Chapter 8



Chapter 9


Chapter 10

10.1 Notes
10.1 Notes Continued
10.2 Notes (bring to class)
10.3 Notes
10.4 Notes (bring to class)
Polar Graph Paper

Polar Graph Paper Version 2


Extra Practice
  • Final Exam Review Sheet  (Ignore the directions on the top regarding formula sheets and point distributions.  They were from a previous semester.)

  • Final Exam Review Sheet Key - 2-3 of the solutions are not correct but I don't remember which ones. Compare answers with classmates.