Online Fundamentals of Communication—Speech Presentations*



Two speeches required: one informative, one persuasive (details below)


Presentation options

On campus or off-campus presentations accepted


On campus:      Informative speech presentations Week 12, Day 6 (Saturday), time TBA

                        Persuasive speech presentations Week 14, Day 6 (Saturday), time TBA


Can’t come to campus?

No problem — deliver your speech in your workplace or community!


NOTE: These criteria are the same for both on-campus and off-campus presentations.

Speech criteria

§        Communication

§        Community Service & Civic Engagement (Service Learning)

§        Professional/Career Field


*NOTE: This information is provided as a general overview of the presentations required for the online course and should not be regarded as a complete list of requirements. We (the instructors) reserve the right to modify course content and assignments without notice.