Susan Holmes
Department of Communication
Office: Burns Hall 1063     
Phone 479-619-4126      
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Student comments

"Extremely creative & enthusiastic...She goes above & beyond the call of her job."

"Happy every single day, listens to her students every day & tries to help any time. She understands all kinds of problems..."

"Very understanding & easy to talk to."

"Definitely one of the best teachers I have had during my college career."

"Very enthusiastic & positive. I wish all teachers were like her!"

"Very motivational..."

"Mrs. Holmes gets involved with students & cares how they do in class."

"Excellent job of adapting to the size of the class & the personalities of the students."

"Mrs. Holmes is one the of the best teachers I've ever had! That's important."

"I like the way you make the atmosphere very comfortable from day one!"

"Excellent teacher. She really cares about students..."

"Without a doubt one of the best instructors in many years at the university. Her friendly manner puts students at ease in a class that usually inspires extreme nervousness. She's great."

"Greatest teacher on campus!"

"I am extremely impressed w/ Mrs. Holmes' teaching strategy. She promotes learning in an exciting & motivating way...she goes above & beyond the call of duty to make learning a great success."

"I would definitely recommend her to any upcoming students!"

"She was very enthusiastic, which made me enthusiastic."

"Knows the material & knows how to explain it.really feel comfortable in her class."

"She explains things in such a way that anyone can understand.... easily found when class is out of session."

  *Note: Excerpts from actual student evaluations & comments 1995-Present


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