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What Do Online Biology Students Look Like?    

Is Distance Learning for You?

Follow this three-step process to find out if distance learning is for you:
Step One: If you've never taken an online course before and aren't sure if it's right for you, one of these quizzes will help you decide:

● This UCLA quiz has seventeen true/false questions and automatically calculates your score for you:  UCLA
● This Crowder College quiz has ten multiple choice questions:
Crowder College Quiz
● Is a Distance Learning Course Right for You? Take this
27-question quiz to find out.

Step Two: If you're considering taking Principles of Biology as an online course at NorthWest Arkansas Community College, here's some information about the class. Because of the intensity of the lab work required for this course, it is highly recommended that a student have previous experience with a WebCT online course, i.e., this should not be your first "online" experience.

Step Three: If you have any questions or need instructor consent to register for Principles of Biology (DL-WWW) at NorthWest Arkansas Community College, please email Dr. Sandy Tedder at Be sure to include your social security number so we can set you up to register online. For further information, see the distance-learning syllabus (.doc) for Biology I.

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